Digital Advertising

We love digital marketing. It’s easy to measure.

There are two things that make digital marketing easy to love:

  1. Digital marketing tends to render the greatest amount of leads for the lowest acquisition cost.
  2. Analytics make it easy to see what you’re spending, how it’s being spent, and directly correlated results for each dollar amount.

Leveraging Cowtown Creative’s multi-layer digital marketing services means you’ll have access to comprehensive reporting for every campaign.

Because you should never have to wonder about your return on investment.

Strategic Planning Options:

Website Development

Leveraging the functionality and security provided by WordPress, we create captivating websites designed to engage your audiences and capture those leads.

Search Engine Marketing

Google, Bing, Yahoo!, you name it – we can market you there. Our digital marketing experts have years of experience in research and practice, and can produce measurable results for your company.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid ads is different than organic content. Utilizing segment targeting features and dynamic content, we help you build an online presence on a monthly budget.

Search Engine Optimization

Most transactions begin with a Google search. Making sure your business is easily found among the results is imperative to your results. Our industry-leading SEO services will help ensure it is.

Video Marketing

Video is the future of content marketing. This statement has become somewhat of a cliche, but only because it’s true. People like and want to see videos, and our team can help you give them what they want.

Comprehensive Analytics

As part of any digital marketing package, our clients enjoy comprehensive reports that detail spend and results of that spend. There’s no use in spending the money if you can’t tell how it performed…

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